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Imperfection is Not a Crisis

When it comes to kicking off a New Year, there can be pressure to wrap up last year’s highlights alongside next year’s who-to-be’s, how-to’s, and what-to-see’s. 

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‘Revenge Bedtime Procrastination’ Is Real, According to Psychologists

You know where you stay up late for no reason because you feel like you didn't get any time to yourself? Here's how to stop. 

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Therapy with Aliza Shapiro, LCSW

We asked Aliza more about her work with clients and her guiding philosophies on therapy.

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Nature vs. Nurture & Why Validation Matters

The debate of nature versus nurture has long influenced the way that we, as scientists, therapists, and people, understand our unique personalities and our mental health. 

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An Interview With Aliza Shapiro

Aliza is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, and utilizes social media to normalize mental health topics, break stigmas, and create community.

Head Space: Unraveling the Link Between Spa and Mental Health

Maintaining optimal mental health is more challenging than ever.

Do Yourself a Favor & Follow These Jewish Therapists on Instagram

Aliza Shapiro writes encouraging posts that might help you work through that project you have been putting off.

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Fear, Faith and Maybe: A Therapy Journey

With over 42% of adults experiencing anxiety or depression, how is it that sufferers still feel so alone? And how can we reconcile it with what feels like a lack of faith?

Meet POPSUGAR's Mental Health Advisory Board

Shapiro helps adults, young adults, and adolescents overcome a wide array of mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, OCD, and related disorders.

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The Silent Treatment Is Worse for Relationships Than You Think

Establishing healthy communication techniques includes understanding bad ones.

How to Slow Down Your Racing Thoughts

We all have thousands of thoughts daily, but racing thoughts make you feel incapable of doing anything other than being all up in your mind until they go away, adds licensed psychotherapist and Aliza Shapiro, LCSW

As Heard On

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Trust & Thrive with Tara Mont
Relationship OCD & Intrusive Thoughts

In her clinical work, Aliza helps adolescents, young adults, and adults overcome a wide array of mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, OCD, and related disorders.

3.16 Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Aliza is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, and utilizes social media to normalize conversations around mental health, break stigmas around therapy, and build a sense of community for those who strive to learn and grow.

Human and Holy
Tools to Maximize Your Mental Rest on Shabbos

How can you rest on Shabbos if it is the most chaotic day of the week for you? How can you make it an enjoyable experience if it feels too quiet and you spend the day alone? 

A More Connected Life
Uncertainty in the Pandemic

Aliza Shapiro discusses challenges that the pandemic has brought, how we can find grit and self-discovery, and reveals what keeps us connected even with the uncertainty of COVID-19.

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