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Our Values

Proving quality therapy that is goal-oriented, evidence based, culturally relevant, and individually inspired. 

Leading with Heart

We're not just a company, we're a therapy practice. We emphasize

warmth, integrity, respect, and growth, within the lives of our patients and our team members alike. We embrace dialectics, non-judgement, cultural strengths, and flexibility, and encourage each of our team members to maintain work/life/spirit balance. 

Team Culture

This work is not meant to be done alone. Our team meets twice weekly to provide support, feedback, and a sense of companionship for the complex work we are immersed in each day. We have a company culture of alliance and collective achievement, and we both know and feel that there is always someone to lean on.

Clinical Competence

We value staying on the cutting edge of evidence-based practice, and imbue our weeks and our years with professional development, continued clinical learning, and growth. Each of our clinicians has advanced training, and we have made it our mission to provide each of our clients with the highest level of quality care.


Above all, we deeply love what we do, and we thrive because our work has purpose. We show up each day with a sense of pride and gratitude for the privilege of our roles in the world and in our clients lives. We are great at our roles as supporters of growth and change, because it not just our job- it is our mission.

Like What You See?

Get in touch to learn more, or head to our Careers page to see our current job openings.

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