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Nicole Zamkoff, DO, LMHC
Staff Clinician  

Dr. Nikki Zamkoff, MHC-LP, completed her degree at New York University with a Masters in Mental Health and Wellness counseling. Prior to starting her career as a therapist, Nikki attended college at Indiana University where she majored in Psychology and Neuroscience, and attended medical school and residency in family practice. 


Utilizing medical and professional skills that she had procured as a physician, Nikki transitioned to the field of mental health in order to provide longer term support to those with psychological and mental health challenges. Nikki is passionate about evidence-based care and primarily uses a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to therapy. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD (adults and children), and adolescent mental health. She has proficiency in psychopharmacology, and spent time working in inpatient psychiatry and with child sexual abuse experts at the CARES institute.


Nikki believes that mindfulness, exercise, journaling, and creative endeavors can be an integral part of taking initiative and having agency in the treatment process. She highly values the therapeutic relationship and believes that connection and therapeutic alliance are of the utmost importance. Nikki uses realistic goal setting, cognitive interventions, and skill building, and continuously assesses client progress to ensure a positive, fulfilling, and impactful therapy experience.   


Nikki loves to travel and has worked with female refugees, and women and children with HIV/AIDS in Kenya.


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