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Standard Outpatient Therapy

What is Standard Outpatient Therapy?

Standard Outpatient Therapy involves meeting with an individual therapist on a weekly, or twice weekly, basis to focus on achieving goals related to mental health, current life stressors, relationship dynamics, difficulties from the past, and/or future oriented goals.

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About the Program

Standard outpatient therapy sessions are 50 minutes long, and are held

in-person or via our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. 

After your initial intake, you will be matched with a therapist on our team that we believe would be the best fit based on your presenting concerns and therapist preferences. Our therapists have advanced training in CBT, DBT, and other evidence based modalities, and incorporate treatment plans in accordance with each clients's presenting mental health challenges, and therapy related goals.


Therapy length may vary. Individuals looking for short term therapy to address specific goals can expect to see significant shift in symptoms within 12-16 weeks. Individuals looking for long term therapy are invited to process weekly emotions, mental health related goals, and areas of self-development. 

For a comprehensive list of what we treat, see below, or to speak to a clinician to learn more about whether therapy is right for you, schedule a call today.

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Reach out to us with your therapy needs and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

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