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Trusted Resources

We know therapy is one of the most important things, but we also know it’s not the only important thing:

We have partnered with the following practices to support our clients across the many arenas of health and mental health. Each program listed has been carefully chosen by our team, aligning with our values of healing mind, body, and spirit.

Erika Bloom Pilates

Mind/Body Healing & Pilates

The Erika Bloom Method offers a body focused holistic approach to well-being using movement and science-based practices. Pilates, movement work, and meditation. 

For individuals struggling with: chronic pain, postpartum healing, pelvic floor dysfunction, digestive support, and structural integration. In-person offerings in NYC, and online memberships.

The Lanby

Primary Care

The Lanby is a wellness-forward, integrated primary care membership with a care team approach to enable comprehensive, continuous & coordinated service. Members work with a dedicated 5-person Care Team who work together to cover the three pillars of the patient journey: medicine, wellness, and coordination.


For individuals who are looking for supportive, integrative, and comprehensive patient-centered care, that optimizes health and well-being. In-person in NYC and virtual in select states.

Miami Concierge Services

Primary Care, Pediatrics

Miami Concierge Services is a home based primary care practice for children, that combines modern medicine and traditional house calls with holistic pediatric wellness.

For families seeking quality, readily available primary care, with an emphasis on holistic health management and wellness/therapy collaborations. In-person, in Miami, FL.


The Motherhood Center

New & Expecting Mothers/Parents

The Motherhood Center is a comprehensive space for new and expecting mothers/birthing parents. Collaborating closely with outside providers, the Center offers support groups for pregnant and new moms, medication management tailored to perinatal needs, and a unique day program for those seeking intensive care. The center provides a safe space for those struggling to navigate the challenges of motherhood, with both community and holistic support.


Group Work & Wellness Retreats

NUSHU is a global community of individuals who embrace personal growth, authenticity, and connection. Led by Vanessa Cornell, Nushu offers courses, group sessions, and retreats.

For individuals who are on a journey towards personal growth & healing, and seek community outside of their standard therapy practices. Worldwide online groups, and in-person retreats.

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