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Marcy Siegler, LCSW
Staff Clinician & Supervisor

Marcy Siegler, LCSW, is a dedicated and passionate clinical therapist serving teens, adults, and couples with mental health challenges across the spectrum. Marcy specializes in the treatment of depression, relationships, anxiety, OCD, and related disorders, and practices utilizing an array of evidence-based approaches.

In her clinical work, Marcy strives to support each client in attaining their therapy related goals. She works with individuals, couples, and families navigating life transitions, relationship challenges, mood disorders, and trauma. Marcy is trained in both Cognitive and Behavioral modalities (CBT, and DBT) and pulls from a holistic lens to incorporate strength-based, emotion focused, and somatic interventions as well, to meet the needs of each client.

Prior to her work in private practice, Marcy worked in various educational settings, conducting therapy with children as well as leading relationship skill building programs for teens. She later developed and led multiple community initiatives in both health and mental health spaces on a macro level, and spent many years supporting complex families, specifically those with neurodivergent children.

Marcy’s academic journey includes double majoring in Sociology and Jewish Studies at Indiana University and further obtaining a Master's in Social Work from Touro College in New York. In addition, Marcy has advanced training in the Gottman Method for couples, and holds certification in Child and Family Health Therapy.

Marcy believes deeply in the innate resilience of the human spirit, as well as the transformative nature of having a witness to our story. She utilizes the therapeutic process to help each client create a life experienced as worth living, while finding the strength within. Marcy lives in Miami, Florida and can be found walking on the beach or watching her 3 boys on the sideline of a basketball court.

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