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Meet the Team.

Aliza Shapiro

Aliza Shapiro, LCSW
Founder & Therapist

Aliza Shapiro, LCSW, is a licensed therapist in New York City, and Founder of Therapy In The City, LCSW PLLC. In her clinical work, Aliza helps adults, young adults, and adolescents overcome an array of mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, OCD, and related disorders.

Nicole Zamkoff

Nicole Zamkoff, LP-MHC Mental Health Counselor, LP, Intern

Dr. Nikki Zamkoff, MHC-LP, completed her degree at New York University with a Masters in Mental Health and Wellness counseling. Prior to starting her career as a therapist, Nikki attended college at Indiana University where she majored in Psychology and Neuroscience, and subsequently completed medical school and residency in family practice.

Stacy Blumenreich

Stacy Blumenreich, LMSW Staff Clinician

Stacy Blumenreich is an NYU-trained psychotherapist working with children, teens, and adults. She treats individuals with anxiety, depression, OCD, and emotional dysregulation, and works with families and couples using parent management training and emotion focused therapy models.

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